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Our Values 

 Commitment: Our commitment to our customers and our producers in terms of service and quality is our core value. We are committed to providing them with the highest level of satisfaction.    

Flexibility: Because each customer and each producer is different, we do not offer a standard solution. We seek out the most suitable sourcing solutions in order to best meet the requirements of both parties.     Service: Our “tailor-made” solutions combined with our experience and our logistical capabilities enable us to offer a service that fulfils the expectations of our customers and suppliers.    

Sustainability:   In terms of partnership: Our customers and partners have put their trust in us for many years. We are developing new solutions every day in order to adapt to their needs and offer them the best possible service, which in turn leads to a sustainable partnership.   In terms of environment: At FTM Nutri Services, we are sensitive to our environment. We believe in sustainable development, which is why we deemed it essential to be “Organic” certified.

Our strengths
  • 20 years of experience in agri-food,  
  • Established presence at the main trade fairs (Anuga, ISM, Tutto-Food, Cibus, PLMA, Sial, Apas, etc.),  
  • Cost transparency,  
  • Development of tailor-made solutions,   
  • A team of experts at your disposal,   
  • A sustainable partnership. 
It is in collaboration with the TFM group, a logistics expert for over 80 years with more than 135,000 m2 of storage capacity, that we have built our logistics base. With its central location in Belgium, large cities such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne and Luxembourg are all within 300 km. For more long-distance transportation, we use rail, sea and air. We have logistics experts who can help you with customs clearance. 

« Due to its professionalism and interpersonal skills, FTM Nutri Services is in contact with market operators, staying apprised of new opportunities. FTM NS works in an open and proactive manner, ensuring quality and business continuity. »

Valbona s.r.l.
Giulia Cavallini
Export Manager
«  […] FTM Nutri Services does everything possible to help customers with anything and everything. At FTM NS, we have found courtesy, the ability to listen and understand when dealing with problems that arise. They are organised, reliable, responsive and very open to innovations.  »

Giorgia Barbagallo
Quality & Logistic Manager
« Growth over the last 3 years has been exponential, based on the reliability of the business relationship with FTM Nutri Services, trust and mutual respect. »

Pizza Croccantina
Claudia Peri
Plant Manager

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